Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

To swim or not to swim

I have no good reason for skipping my swim this morning. I don't really not want to go but I'm not really in to it either. I do fear getting bored with swimming or the routine of it. I want to make sure I keep it fresh and invigorating and fun. I still have time to pop on my suit and get to the pool when it opens but, I think I won't.

I think I'll take the day off. Even though I will absolutely take Wednesday off (ballgame Tuesday night). Yep.

I now have coffee and I just had one of those Jimmy Dean breakfast sticks that letmesaythis recommended. (I did not nuke it quite long enough so the tip of one end was cold but the rest was pretty darned good. I will now be keeping a supply in my freezer for breakfast emergencies. Thanks!)


And Zoey is helping me with this entry.

I think I'll just stay here today and put away my baseball stuff from yesterday and then go sew until today's game starts.

I find, in retirement, great comfort in keeping every day the same. And quiet joy in making every day different. Being retired and living alone is my perfect world but, it is not, of course, perfect all the time. And there is no one to blame when it misses the mark. I think it would be so easy to spiral down into bored and lonely. Maybe not easy but a possibility and one that would be my own fault. So no.

So that's the plan for today. No swim. Sew. Good.

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