Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Worst neighbor ever...

So. Remember last winter when there was a dog who barked for a solid day next door and I wrote the guys who live there a note complaining? And then found out that one of them was, at the time the dog was barking, dying in the hospital and the barking dog belong to a friend who came to be with him in his last hours.

Oh yeah, I felt great about that.

Cut to today. I send the guy who still lives there (husband of guy who died) a note asking him (quite nicely, thankfully) if he could move his speakers.

Well, turns out, the music was cranked up so they could hear it while he and his friends carted their stuff out.

I just got a copy of the updated building directory that now lists that unit as rental/unoccupied. I think, now, he just moved his speakers to the U-Haul out on the street.

At least I'll bet when he sees my note, he'll have a little giggle and be thankful he's getting away from That Bitch Next Door.

Wonder what kind of neighbor I'll get next.

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