Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

End of week. End of month.

It always seems tidier when the end of a month falls on a Friday or a Sunday. Not that it really matters, it just seems more organized.

Bre, from the gym, has only 19 more days until she moves to Hawaii. She says her husband is ready to leave today but she's getting stressed about needing more time. I'm going to miss her cheery face in the mornings.

Today's plan is to finish off the short jacket/hoodie I started yesterday. It occurred to me that I might have some more of that Mariners fleece in a pile somewhere so the first order of business is to check nooks and crannies. If no find, no biggie. I can finish it with what I have. I have two night games in the next 7 days and I need the jacket for both. I decided this morning, I'm going for big kangaroo pockets no matter what else I do.

I need a trip to Dollar Tree but there isn't one close and I'm not sure it's worth a special trip. I could go tomorrow after the pool but that's a waste of fried chicken. The Dollar Tree store is kitty cornered from Popeye's. Tomorrow is one of those Mariner games so no fried chicken. But, really, there's no law that says after Dollar Tree shopping you must have friend chicken. I think I can do it without. Maybe. Worth a try, I guess.

I just got up for more coffee. Zoey met me in the kitchen by her empty food bowl. So I dished out some food. It ended up being the last of the can. I put the food in the bowl and the empty can on the counter while I got my coffee. She ignored the bowl and instead liked the empty can. Cats. Geesh.

Ok, now I've murdered another half our drinking that coffee and internet futzing. Time to get up an get dressed and get to work!


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