Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


A while back I created a bunch of searches on Zillow. Houses I had lived in, houses my friends or relatives lived in. Just for a giggle. I get updates on the neighborhoods from time to time and if/when one of them oges on sale, I get the notice. Today that giggle paid off big time.

The house that I spent my high school years in came up for sale and it's wonderful to wander around the inside and see all the rooms.

It's quite a bit fancier now than it was then. And bigger. They added on about 12 feet or maybe more. And they completely fixed up the basement which was a cinderblock rec room when we were there.

It's in a really nice part of town and a pretty part. But, man those housing prices are looooooow.

The funny part is that my sister had a pink room with a four poster bed. That room, in this house today, is pink with a four poster bed. My room had two twin beds. That room in this house today has two twin beds. Funny.

The kitchen is completely redone and expanded so it's hard to relate to it and the den has a TV in it. That would have NEVER happened when we lived there. The den was a flat out NO TV room. The living room and dining room look exactly the same. Exactly.

When we first moved to Winston-Salem (1955) we lived in a smaller house that is now, about the same size. Somehow they have kept the same footprint and added 2 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I cannot wait until that house goes on sale and I can see those rooms!

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