Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Waiting... waiting...

The building manager sent a vastly confusing email out last week but embedded in all of the unnecessary and confusing info was the news that finally, after 2.5 years, they are going to fix the drywall in my window sill that was damaged by the leak. On Thursday at 8.

A later message said it would be Tuesday. I replied to that one requesting clarification and he re-iterated that it would be Thursday at 8. It is now Thursday at 9. I have not seen or heard a thing about any of it.

To get to the spot for the fix, they will need to take down my 3 stained glass panels and I want to be in the room with an eagle eye when they do that. So I wait. I could call and ask WTF but I cannot think of any answer he could give me that would not piss me off. So why torture myself?

Yesterday's game had highs and lows... Baseball wise it was an interesting game to watch. The lead went back and forth for 9 innings. Sadly we ran out of innings and the other team won. Again. The people on either side of me were not regulars and not chatty. So I listened to the game broadcast which is delayed by about a bat swing.

At one point, there was a guy on the row in front of me and over about 10 seats who had a very loud voice and started to use it. It was annoying but it's a baseball game. And then he started to comment on the other team members' uniforms and the umpires physical characteristics and it was offensive. He was only about 3 insults in when the usher told him, very nicely, to Shut The Fuck Up. And he did. After the game I stopped by that usher and thanked him. He told me that 'We do not tolerate that in the ballpark but particularly not in the Diamond Club. The owner of his seat will be notified and put on notice.' WHOA! Kind of nice to know that even the big spenders are called on the carpet when they misbehave.

My sales guy came and found me yesterday and brought me a Mariners season ticket holder vacuum water bottle. Which was not only nice, but very handy. Just after 1st pitch, the clouds parted and the sun came out and fried our butts. I had the bartender fill up my new bottle with ice and boy was that a handy thing to have.

9:35 - the building manager just showed up with some guy that he did not introduce. He showed the guy the damage and then they left.

I think I'm going to go to the sewing room and finish off the pocket project.


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