Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Way worse but not for me

I just found out that the apartments across the street... they still do not have power. 20 hours so far. And their estimated restoration time now is 7 pm, an hour and a half from now. Un real. At least they are renters and have legit management to bitch to and hold accountable. Also they can get in and out of their garage and they might have elevator service. But, still. Yikes. You just don't expect this in the city.

The generator is still roaring but this new news gives me a little more patience with it. Plus I shut the door, turned on both the a/c and the tv. I can't even hear it now.

I kind of wasted today. I did get one more shirt pocketed. I think days that don't start with a swim just feel wasted. Silly and not logical. But I do think I'll get good sleeps tonight and be hot to trot at 4:30 tomorrow morning.
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