Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I emptied 3 ottomans and a huge, deep drawer. All my yarn. I wound some by hand. I wound some on the winder (my shoulder is going to not be happy tomorrow, I'm sure). I culled out the stuff I am never going to use. Yer Welcome, Goodwill. I gathered all of the finished and nearly finished squares, octagons, flowers, strips and circles and put them all together into one of the ottomans. Maybe someday they will make a spectacular blanket if I sew them all together.

Then I arranged the other yarn and put it in another ottoman and the drawer. Then I gathered all the hooks, needles, markets, measurers, scissors and put them into the other ottoman.

I feel exhausted and accomplished. This Saturday was not wasted.

Once again, the Mariners left the tying/winning run at the plate. Sigh.

Zoey is eating me out of house and home. She normally eats the equivalent of one small can of catfood a day - I doll it out in thirds - breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today she's already had a can and a half. And if when I get up to go to the kitchen she will beg for more. She had lost a little weight and now she's putting it back on. It's getting expensive!

Now I think I'll watch last night's Jeopardy.
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