Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not so fast there, genius

I got one set of pockets installed into the first shirt. Slipped 'em right into the seam. Perfection!


Then I got distracted. I had this one shirt I made that I wore last week. I really really like it except for the sleeves. I'd used a fabric that was just not a good one for the job. So I found a new fabric on the shelf that worked with the rest of the shirt, cut the sleeves out and put in new ones. I finished one. Excellent. I was feeling way way way too proud of myself. I finished the second and it didn't feel right going in... I forced it and then turned both sleeves right side out... I'd sewn the second sleeve in upside down!! Holy crap. What an idiot.

Cut them both out and redid them and now I have a much better shirt and a little humility.

I still have three more shirts to add pockets to but they can wait until I'm in better sewing command.

I did do three loads of laundry and the bed has all new clothes on - even underwear.

No walk. Oh well. I still may do a whip around the block later. Or not. First I'm going pay bills and do the week's spending round up and then I'm going to watch the final episode of Line of Duty. I still have the yarn project on the list but I may save it til tonight during the baseball game.

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  • Biggie 2021

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