Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

better and better

I got the phone number I've had for 26 years back and now it's in Google Voice linked to my actual phone. So when a call or text comes in to that number, I can respond via the phone or my chromebook which is very handy. But, mainly it means that number which is everywhere is still viable. Whew.

After the ballgame (which we lost by 1 run... again...) I thought I'd give Costco Pharmacy a call. ONE round of limbs on the telephone tree AND they did not tell me to pay attention as their menu options have changed. I explained that I wanted to see if they had my prescription. She asked for my name and date of birth and said that she had a bottle of benzonatate all ready for me to pick up.

So I thought why not? It early yet for rush hour. The parking lot was packed but not in my section. I walked right to the pharmacy window and with zero hassle, she told me it would be $17.56 and they use Google Pay! I had to then meet with the pharmacist who could not have been more pleasant. She asked if I'd ever used them before and I explained that I had COPD and they were my life savers. She handed me the bag and said OK! Here are some more life savers!

Seriously, it could not have been more pleasant and efficient. I was nearly home before I realized they did not ask for my insurance info which is interesting. Also, I thought, for sure, I had paid $45 last time. I just looked it up, though and it was $23. But, I do think, when it's time to reorder... Costco will be the winner.

My house is so clean. It's wonderful.
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