Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is house cleaner day. I have a couple of errands and then I'll make my usual Goodwill tour. They are having a level up for a few weeks. When you get to the register, they ask you if you would like to round up to the nearest dollar and contribute the rest. I love this and I wish they did it all year around. But, at least they are doing it now. Hope I find a bargain.

So far my new cell phone plan is great. A couple of things now work that didn't before. I had been blaming the problem on entirely the wrong system. Plus, it's just luxurious to have unlimited data again. I'm still waiting for my old telephone number to fall into Google Voice but the word on the street is 24 hours so I still have about 5 to go before it makes any sense to start concern. I just want tidy. If you call my old number it does go to voice mail and I can check that easily so no fowl [sic].

I just checked Humana Pharmacy and they did cancel my order! Yeah! There's a dodged bullet. I'm still going to test out Costco drugs. I sent a my chart message asking that the prescription be sent to the Costco store. I can see that they did, in fact, issue the prescription yesterday but I can't tell where they sent it to. I'll call Costco and ask.

I finished The Peacock Emporium last night (by JoJo Moyes). I miss it already. I have two books lined up for my next read but I know neither is going to be as wonderful as that one was.

The baseball game is at 11:30 today which will be nice. And tomorrow we have the day off so there will be a nice, long stretch of no losses. We Mariner fans live for this.

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