Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A day of challenges

So... after the Humana festuche of this morning, I took the car in and then came home and made a blouse. I used a favorite pattern is it's now an instant favorite shirt.

Then I picked up around the house and hand lunch and was internetting when John the car guy called. The car is now all fine and he said "Hopefully, this will be it for a long time. I hope you have a great Summer." Music to my ears. $1,137. I hope it's a long time!

Then home and the mail came. My fancy phone holder for the car finally arrived. This is a ProClip - on their website, you pick your car and then it gives you a few options for a mount. You pick the mount and are taken to a screen to buy a holder.


BUT worth it because I have tried every holder in the book. I can't do magnet, I hate the vent ones, I don't have a flat surface in the car, nor do I have a non-textured one. So I bit the bullet and ordered the holder.

1. The mount does NOT fit the car. It might fit some Smart Car but not mine.
2. The holder does not attach to the mount. The four screw holes on one, are nowhere near the four screw holes on the other.

I took photos and a video and sent an email asking for paid return shipping label and full refund. I tried calling the phone numbers on their website. One says this number is unattended (whatever that means) and the other goes to voicemail which 'has not been activated'. So... I'm not terribly hopeful. I will claim this one against my credit card if they don't pony up. But, geesh. That's $55 this morning and now $77. Plus the car... this is one expensive day.

My phone carrier is Google Fi. The service is fine. The price could be better but mainly I'm getting really twitchy about their customer service. The horror stories of how they have fucked up people's phone accounts and Google accounts abound and recourse is, apparently, very difficult to come by. So while I do not expect to have a problem, I know if one pops up, I cannot count on help and could endanger my Google account which is far more valuable to me than my phone carrier.

So, I've been cell phone plan shopping all afternoon. I think I'm going with T-Mobile's 55+ plan. It's $50 a month and unlimited and not Google. I can port my phone number back to Google Voice and use it as a passthru to any carrier number. Sadly, you can't just dial up their website and order up a sim. I have to call or go into a store. I'm done with calling. There's a store a few blocks from here. I think I may go pay them a visit tomorrow.

I've had enough drama today.

Ooops maybe not. Baseball game in 15 minutes. There will be more drama there for sure.
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