Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The worst telephone tree in the universe

Humana and Humana Pharmacy require you to call with even the most basic requests and then torture you to death to get to an actual fucking person which is the only way to get anything done. I may be on hold now until the day I die. There is little in my life that is more annoying. I'm trying hard to be grateful that I have insurance. I'm losing the battle.

I have now officially lost. To recap. I was sent an email requesting that I order a refill with a link to the pharmacy website. I stupidly clicked on the link thinking I'd go to the pharmacy site and see why they wanted me to refill. Instead, my click sent the refill order in. $55 worth of a medicine I do not need and will not live long enough to ever use. The only way to cancel is to call. With every call you get 10 minutes of bullshit crap and many steps to a person - btw, you can find lots of info on their website (just none that will help you) and their menu choices have changed.

I finally got a person. I had an order number. The order was 20 minutes old (that was the tree climbing time + hold time). I had to give her my name, my address, my telephone number, my insurance number, my date of birth, my name (again) and the order number (again). And then I was told that it was too late to cancel.

I fucking lost it. I verified that my now 20 minute order could not be canceled and I would, indeed, be charged $55 for a medicine I did not want and then I hung up. She called me back. I should have demanded a refill of my blood pressure medicine. She did tell me that once I received the medicine, I could call back for a "possible refund". This is for the ear drops. The first time that prescription was filled it took 2 weeks to get. I got it a week ago. A 100 day supply that will likely last me a few years. I don't need more.

So... to recap... for the pleasure (and likely shipping costs) of possibly returning what you will send me that I do not want, I can get more of your insidious phone torture that probably won't pay off either. Just a phone call away! OMG. I do not feel one bit guilty about tearing that phone person a new one. It probably was a robot anyway.

And sadly the day had started off so well. I had a great swim. I kept my back straight and it was easier so I'll keep trying. I stopped off at home, got dressed, got coffee and a burrito. And went to the Mercedes place where John met me, reviewed what I needed done - check the P303 error code, fix the mirror backing and do the annual tune up. I got a ride home immediately in a fancy new Mercedes with a really nice driver.

I was planning on making a new swim suit today or at least finishing the top I cut out a long while back. I might still but first I'm going to research insurance plans for while. I can't change til the fall but I can look.

EDIT an hour later: I just spent an hour crawling over the two other insurance options I have. My preference is to stay with my current doctors and that narrows it down to the three. And I have made decision. They all suck. Changing would suck even if I could do it which I cannot until October. Worst case, I'm out $55. Maybe I'll get a raging ear infection and use up all the medicine anyway.

OVERALL, however, I am choosing to devote not one single bit more of energy or thought to this whole thing. Lesson learned. Humana sucks. I'm over it.

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