Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fried but fine about it...

Until 3:15, my seat, on a day described by all my weather apps as "mostly cloudy", the sun fried us all. The top of my head, the back of my neck and my hands. Burnt. They gave us 8x11 three fold cardboard score keeping/team info folders and I used that to block as much of the sun as I could.

They also handed out thin but opaque infinity scarves to all the women. I had put mine at the bottom of my bag. Then I saw a woman just in front of me pull her's out and use it on her head to block the sun. DOH! Why in the hell didn't I figure that out on my own OR why in the hell didn't she figure it out sooner!

The two women who sit next to me - Erica and Julie - are going to miss the next three games. They are on vacation in the north of France. Then in July, Erica is going to live in Luxembourg for 8 or 9 months! She works for Amazon. Julie is going to stay here with the dogs. She works for the county sheriff's office. Luxembourg. I cannot imagine. I accused them both of place dropping and told them to make sure their tickets were going to be used by fun people.

We shall see! But, of course, the big news was after a string of horrible horrible losses... we won!!

Now I need to put my baseball gear away and wash the sun sweat off my face before I figure out what's for dinner. There's one of those salad kits in the fridge. I think that's going to be it.
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