Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My garage is killing me

About 6 or 7 years or so ago, I was down in my storage unit one day. Our garage is two levels. My section is below ground. Down there where the cars park there are little rooms that contain the storage units. People use them for Christmas decorations and suitcases and all kinds of shit. I spent several hours down there one day cleaning out and organizing my stuff. And then I started coughing. I coughed for a week. I finally got better and then the next time I was down there in the storage area, I coughed for two weeks. I quit going down there and the coughing went away.

My friend Tija rents my storage unit now. She keeps her old business record down there.

Today, I got in my car and drove out of the garage like I do every day but I had a coughing fit as I left. I popped a benzonatate (I keep some in my glove compartment for such times. I went swimming and McDonald's then grocery shopping and then stopped at Amazon to drop off a package and came home. I loaded up all the groceries and re arranged the bags in the back of the car and came upstairs. Before I even got to the street level part of the parking garage I had another huge coughing attack. This one lasted 15 minutes and was horrible.

There's clearly something in that garage that my longs really hate. I have an N95 mask from last Summer's fires, I think I'm going to get it out and wear it to my car and back. It sounds ridiculous but the coughing sounds gross and kind of feels like strangling.

At least I don't have o go back there today. Whew. I've now been sitting and breathing and sipping water and am beginning to feel better. This is a not fun development, for sure.

Also not fun, one of my favorite swim suits is coming to EOL (End Of Life). I do not use the highest quality spandex fabric because it's too pricey and I like making suits and having new/different ones. I like finding the cheapest fabric I can and having a lot of suits and rotating them through. I don't expect them to live longer than about six months. But, when I get a favorite, I'm always sad to see it go. I currently have 3 in rotation. I don't even like one of them. I'd be happy to have it go.

I have two really amazing fabrics in house now for swimsuits and a couple of others, too. I was toying with the idea of doing that today but now it's noon and I haven't even put away the groceries yet. I think I'll wait until Monday. (I have tickets to the baseball game tomorrow.)

I think now I am going to put those groceries away, dig out that mask and put it will my swim bag for tomorrow, and then just sit and breathe for a while.

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