Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My new breakfast burritos are excellent. My theory is that the cooking the eggs until they were hard scrambled and then letting them cool completely before I burritoed them was the ticket. I normally don't like hard scrambled eggs but, honestly, these had great taste and texture once they were packed into the burrito. I only added cheese and salt and pepper. And I'm sold. I'll be interested to taste the ones I froze to see if they are as successful.

Yesterday at Grocery Outlet, I picked up a pint of ice cream. The brand is Steve's, which I'd never heard of but apparently is a thing most everywhere but the west coast. Anyway, the flavor I got was Banana Pudding. I tried it last night. OMG. It is wonderful!! I'm going to have to go back today and get some more. The thing about Grocery Outlet is that about half their inventory is one and done. If you find something you love, chances are you will never see it there again. So when I find something like Steve's Banana Pudding ice cream, I go right back and stock up. Happily, I now have freezer room. This is absolutely a good use of it.

In other good news, my new ear medicine is arriving today instead of Monday. Whew and yeah! And, of course, now that it's nearly here, my ears feel fine. Also arriving today are my new pans from IKEA.

I did not watch the Big Bang Theory last night. I had a baseball game and needed to watch the Mariners lose again. I may watch it today. There's also an after show. I loved this show from the first 5 minutes of the pilot. But, now that it's done, I am, too. I'm ready to watch the end and move on.

I'm still reading or rather listening to The Peacock Emporium and only have 4 hours left. I am not ready for it to end at all. Not one bit.

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