Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Last Mariner TV post ... at least til I get wound up again

So the real answer as to why I pay the big bucks for Mariners TV came over night. Last night's game was not thrilling. It was slow and boring, actually. Oakland kept hitting solo home runs... They hit 5. We kept kind of doing minimum. I finally turn the TV on mute and listened to my book. When I could stay awake no more, it was Oakland 3, Seattle 1 (they got the 1 in the first inning) in the 8th inning. I turned it off.

This morning, I woke up to discover that Seattle won in the 10th 6-5. It was totally worth it to turn on the TV this morning and watch them tie it in the 8th, see the Oakland manager ejected, see Oakland take the lead in the 10th and then see Seattle down to 1 out in the 10th, tie it up and then win it. Totally worth it. And a fun morning gift.

I finished Season 3 of Unforgotten yesterday. I really liked it. Happily, Seasons one and two which I have not seen are available on Amazon Prime.

A while back, I accidentally ordered 2 yards of a swim suit fabric. Sadly it was one that I didn't love and only ordered because it was cheap on sale. A swimsuit only takes 1 yard. I made one suit out of it and then put the rest in the back of the drawer. This morning I got to thinking that maybe I'll use it to try out a different swimsuit. I always make the same suit the same way. Maybe it's time to try something new. I need to get some ideas. There were several women in the pool this morning so I studied their suits. Nah. Didn't like any of them. Project ongoing.

Yesterday I tried a new poke place it's a winner. It's just down the street away from town so not far and easy to get to. Just across the street from the building that houses Amazon's return/pick up and Starbucks HQ. It's a build you own poke with very fresh ingredients in a bright and friendly place. I suspect I will be a regular.

Turns out it's going to be cool and rainy-ish all week which is lovely. I feel like I should take advantage and go do something outside the house. But, the stuff I want to do is inside so I'll just enjoy that I have the option if I want.

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