Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

proof in pudding

The rules and the internet says that MLB blocks audio stream of the Mariner game in Seattle. But, I'm listening to it on my phone using the MLB app! I have no am radio in the house that can tune in the station. The station's stream is not available on anything I have via any app I can find. MLB has two apps. MLB.TV tells me to piss off but MLB At Bat is happy to feed me the game. Weird.

But, now I remember why the radio broadcast is a poor second. No instant replay. If they say something I miss, no back button available. Between that and not being able to see stuff... just no.

Happily, dadi's comment led me down the path of 'hey, it's not like I can't afford it and or even have to sacrifice to pay for it.' I need to just forget about how much it costs and enjoy it. And be grateful that I can. So. That's the road I'm taking.

Best I can tell, the current broadcast deal is locked in until 2023. So if I'm still around, I'll worry about it then.
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