Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

more tv ore less

After I finished the last entry, I started digging internetly into watching Mariners in Seattle without cable. It's pretty much not possible.

The Mariners have a 100% exclusive deal with Root Sports. And that deal says you only see the game on Root Sports and you only get Root Sports with cable TV.

I have MLB.TV but it blacks out Mariner games. It turns out even the audio is blacked out. I will be checking that tonight. I can barely get AM radio in the living room - not in the rest of the house at all. I'll be testing out the audio for tonight's game but it sounds like that's a fail.

I might be able to watch games via MLB.TV if I use a VPN but only at the router level (android aps require gps id) and in my case, I'd have to buy and set up a bridge to get that. Plus pay for VPN.

Most of this was brought on by my checking my cable bill yesterday. I could not see the actual bill yet but I could see the total $250. That's just nuts.

I even checked Comcast. I could save some by switching to them but not really enough to make up for the pain of both switching and using them. I could switch the tv only and save some.

But really, there are no good options. I did go back to the cable website to see if the bill detail was ready for viewing and it was. And the total is $200 not $250 which made me feel a lot better. It's funny how much of a difference that last $50 makes to me.

But, of that $200, nearly $100 is simply the surcharge needed to get the baseball games. So basically, to watch Mariner baseball, it cost me about $5 a game. I'm still trying to noodle out whether or not it's worth it.
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