Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mother's Day

I am not a mother and my own mother is long gone. So Mother's Day is not a biggie for me. Usually I cash in on some Mother Day's sales but none were attractive this year. Maybe Father's Day will be better. (For the record, I am not a father and my own father is long gone. Still... a sale, I'm there!)

When I was little our family regularly attended church in the Disciples of Christ Christian denomination churches. They had what, in retrospect, is the strangest Mother's Day tradition. As you entered the sanctuary, you were quizzed... is you mother dead or alive? Then given a boutonniere - a carnation - red if your mother was alive and white if your mother was dead. I remember as a little girl looking around the room and focusing on all the white ones and thinking that motherhood was looking pretty fatal to me.

My new car phone mount is a fail after all. Last night and this morning, it kept falling out to the floor. Not good. So $70 paid and the one that is made for the car is ordered. Oh well. There's $12 wasted but at least now I'm sure the expensive route is worth it.

Amazon failed to deliver my two items promised for Saturday and then, to add insult to injury, canceled them both. WTF? Neither were anything really important but still. Amazon is wonderful and so horrible. I love them and hate them in the same minute.

Yesterday it was so hot that I had the air conditioner on most of the day. Today it is so cold, I just had to close the door to the terrace.

I am wearing a favorite top that did NOT have pockets and was destined for Goodwill under the new law, but I managed to add pockets pretty successfully. I made this after my friends from New Zealand brought me this tea towel last time they were here. My sewing skills were very rusty and I didn't have a pattern and still, it came out fine and dandy and now, with pockets, it can be my favorite for a long long long time.


Laundry is laundrying. I need to wash the breakfast dishes but that's really it for things that need to be done today. Really this week is really commitment free. I may need a Costco run which is an easy do. A strictly financial decision dictates that I am not going to IKEA.

I bought a frying pan when I was there last time and it's fabulous. Meanwhile my other frying pans are moving from nonstick to letsgrabeverything! IKEA has more pans like the one I bought in smaller and larger. I could run down there one day this week. And there's a Walmart nearby I could go there and then I started thinking of all the things I don't need but would buy at both places. That list would double, I'm sure once I darkened their doorways.

So... I ordered what I wanted from IKEA online. $10 for shipping. WAY less than what it would cost if I actually went. Easy decision.

I am making better food these days and I want to continue. One dish that should be easy and I've never been able to pull off is a simple carbonera.

Yesterday, I got a text from ljtourist asking me if I was interested in going out for an early dinner. We ended up at Bizzaro. Turns out it is a famous Seattle delight I had never heard of. Funky and tiny. I ordered Sugar Snap Pea Carbonera. "A traditional blending of fried house cured pancetta, chicken stock, egg and parmesan with sugar snap peas tossed with our hand made linguini pasta." It was soooooo OMG delicious. So so so good. And a wonderful find of a place. Plus it's so tiny that you really do need to get there when they open at 5 to get a seat. I loved early dinner time even before I got old so this suits me perfectly.

Ok, time now to focus on this ballgame. The Mariners are still losing to the Red Sox but now playing in the rain.

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