Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


While I searched, fruitlessly, for a podcast app that the Google Assistant likes that has playlists, the Mariners have already blown a 4 run lead. It now 9-4. We have this pitcher who used to be great. But he has not been great now in 2 seasons and this season he isn't even acceptable. Yes, he's beloved but even Ichiro knew better than to take up a team slot on the field after he aged out. Felix needs to find a job in the ticket office or just retire already.


There is a gigantic yardsale at a neighborhood nearby and some of the advertised stuff looked interesting and then there is the twice a month flea market between here and the pool. I considered both but in the end came home to the air conditioner. Sun and 80 degrees. Not a combo that I enjoy.

My air conditioner is saving the day. It's lovely and cool here in my living room.

The litter box tells me that Zoey is feeling better. Quite joyful to find little torpedoes of kitty poop in there.

The other day, I heard on a podcast, a couple talking about things in their families growing up that were Signs of Wealth. The woman said Kleenex. Kleenex was for rich people. Her family used toilet paper when they had to blow their nose. The guy said berries. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. Rich people fruit.

In my house it was paper towels. We often had none in the house. If we had a roll, we were never allowed to use them. I remember being awed by the TV commercials where the people would just willy nilly peel off a sheet whenever they spilled anything. Even then, I thought it was weird that they only used rich people in commercials.

I always have a roll of paper towels but amuse myself by rarely using them. I forget about them.

Oh, gym news. As I was leaving today, I waved at Frank The Front Desk Guy and said "See you Monday!" He has Sundays off. He called me over to explain that starting week after next he's moving to Sundays and Mondays off! BFD. Two days off in a row. Wow. Whatever is he going to do with that big stretch of time??! I thought it was very cute that he wanted to make sure I knew.

Ok, time to clean up the kitchen.

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