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It's such a joy to have a phone that works correctly every time I try to do something. I had high end feature phones when they first came out and then went right to the first real smart phones and have had them ever since, so now, more than 20 years. Even so, until so many things I tried to do became unstable and/or not doable, I didn't realize how much of every hour involves some kind of really important mobile phone operation - some with no Plan B.

I think I'm going to spend some quality time today making sure my backup phone can step in and take over seamlessly with things like running the air conditioner, the window blinds, Google Pay, the TV, car entertainmet and also email, texts and phone.

Sure I can do all those things via other means but who the hell wants to? Not me!

More car news. This morning, the Annual Checkup Time Is Here light flashed when I turned it on. So my plan to get that done when the mirror back part comes in is a good one. Both items will cost more than I'm happy about BUT if I combine the two I only get one big shock. So not all bad. The land of Denial is not a bad place to live.

Zoey again, claimed the latest crochet project.


My fault for putting it there. It's ok. She's not really healthy right now so whatever she wants is fine. I'm not sure what's going on with her but she's not retaining her food. Attitudinally she's fine. She's happy and perky and her same old self. But she now throws up about every other day and I find diarrhea in the litter box often. She eats a lot to make up for it and is enthusiastic about her food and is drinking water. A trip to the vet stresses her out more than any other cat I have ever seen so that is really a very last resort. She's had her blood tested within the last year and it's fine. The next step would be a scan which would be very expensive for me and probably scare her to death. So I'm watching and cleaning and appreciating her.

Edit to add: She's had this same whateveritis before and recovered nicely so I'm sure this, too, will pass. And, of course, if she loses her perky or her happy, I will take action. Right now, she's fighting my fingers in hopes I'll quit typing and start ear rubbing. Ok will do.

She's actually probably resting up for the family baseball game. Tonight (also tomorrow and Sunday) the Mariners play the Boston Red Sox.

The Mariners - Loser team who has never been to the World Series Ever. Favorite team of my brother's sister (aka me).
The Boston Red Sox - Team that won the World Series last year and has also won in other years. Favorite team of my brother's son.

The Red Sox have had a rough year so far. And the Mariners have had a great one. BUT, the Red Sox are getting better and the Mariners are losing it. Right now, both are even steven. The Mariners have won 20 and lost 20. The Red Sox have won 19 and lost 19.

So... these three games are biggies for both teams and for me and my nephew and my brother. I kind of wish baseball had tie games.

The little market in the next block has Google Pay, I remembered so no need to get into the car to test. Nice since it's going to be too hot to get into the car today anyway. I think I'm going to sew and read and watch TV and generally stay near my air conditioner. It's supposed to cool off after tomorrow.

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