Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Back peddling

I put the next Android version on my phone. It's in beta. I had a couple of minor issues. The next release came out and there are more issues. And then I could no longer use Google Pay. We're still several months away from the official release and I give up. So now I'm rolling my phone back to the the stable version. I like to wipe my phone and start from scratch again every six months or so anyway and it was time.

So that's this afternoon's party.

I did get yesterday's top finished. And did a load of laundry. Zoey has turned into the vomit queen. Every other day, I'm cleaning up after her. Today's find was the blanket I use to keep cat hair off the bed she likes to sleep on. So I washed it and filled in the load from the dirty clothes hamper. I'll do the rest another day.

I bought some swimsuit fabric on Etsy the other day. It arrived today and it's gorgeous!


I don't really need a new suit right now but I may make it anyway because I just love this fabric so much.

ooops Just hit an issue with the phone. One of my apps that I use every night - a nice bedside clock - is no more. Sigh. I found it on an old phone that I keep as a backup. I was able to extract an APK so now I have a workable copy but, I also found a different one that does the same thing and actually a little better. So issue no more.

Phone all done. And squeaky clean now. I think tomorrow, I'll take it over to Grocery Outlet or maybe Trader Joes and make sure the Google Pay works.
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