Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New rules

IF no pockets, shirt goes to Goodwill. No exceptions. When I first began the Replace All Store Bought Clothes project, I was so focused on fit - shoulder seams, etc. I didn't add pockets unless the pattern called for them. Most patterns don't even give you that option for reasons I cannot fathom.

And once I realized the problem, I fixed it. I add at least one pocket to every single thing I make (except teddy bears and swimsuits). A lot of summer shirts are going to not make the cut so it's time to get back into production.

I fell into it a little this morning. Several weeks ago I cut out a top and never sewed it. So I went to dig that out before the house cleaner arrived and in the course of trying to figure out what I intended to do, I just started assembling the pieces. I'll finish up tomorrow. But the bug has bit so more pockets will be created! Also I found a great sheet at Goodwill that will make a great top.

I popped into Uwajimaya while I was out and scored big in the REDUCED section of their premade items. I got lunch today, dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow. Plus eggrolls, an apple and a tomato for $20. I was pretty jazzed. Until I went to pay and discovered that the latest beta update on my phone incapacitated Google Pay. I had to go back out to the car to get an old fashioned credit card. Sigh.

A guy on Reddit says that he reset his phone back to the regulation operating system and then did the beta again and that brought Google Pay back. That's a lot of shenanigans to jump through on the word of one rando. I think I'll wait for corroborating evidence.

Now I think I'll dig out one of my favorite top patterns and cut into that sheet. While I wait for the baseball game to start.

Zoey settling in on the latest blanket. (She threw up on it last week so I already know that it launders beautifully.)

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