Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The good news is that I'm pretty sure this sucky day hit its low point about 30 minutes ago and so the remaining 12 hours or so can only get better.

In February, the cover of my shotgun side mirror disappeared. I contacted the Mercedes dealer (who also has serviced my car since it was born) and was told to buy part number xxx. I found it on ebay and bought it and discovered it was either the wrong part or not all of the parts necessary. John, my regular Mercedes guy (his boss was the one who told me what part to get), told me he'd look into it and get back to me. Cut to March. I write him back 'any news??' He admits to forgetting and suggests I bring the car in. I do. He diagnoses and says it will be a week to get the part. Crickets for a month. I write him back. Again, part came in and he forgot to tell me.

This was last Thursday. I made an appointment for first thing today figuring I'd be first in line. I got there at 7. He said it might take as much as an hour (WTF?) so I waited in their waiting room which is cooled to meat locker temps and filled with the melodious tones of too loud music plus morning talk TV.

At 8:30 when I had heard nothing I went to find him. 'ooops wrong part. right part is in Germany. a week to 10 days, we'll call you'.

I did use their free wifi and my waiting time to google alternatives. There is a place, apparently, that does Smart Car service but it is way on the other side of town. Regardless, I might just go up there and check them out. The Mercedes people are grinding my last nerve.

I do think that when this part comes in, assuming it's in my lifetime, I'll go ahead and get them to do the annual maintenance thing and then, hopefully, be done with them for a year at least during which time, I will absolutely be on the troll for a new maintenance situation.


The rest of the doctor tests came in and the news is not horrible just lest great. I have high amounts of uric acid which means he will ask me a million times if I'm sure I have not had any more gout attacks. I had one about six months ago that was short and not horrible. And my triglyceride was borderline high. So he's going to get on his low fat, low cholesterol diet and regular exercise soap box. He has a hard time with that exercise part when I tell him I swim an hour a day. Also, sadly for him, his diet ideas and mine are polar opposites. Oh well, I'll listen and smile and promise to consider. It could be way worse. I'm lucky to have such a wonderful doctor so I'm happy to listen and pretend.

I emptied out the glove compartment of the car and tossed a bunch of shit and brought all the papers up here. It's mostly the receipts for maintenance. I think I'm missing one and I think I know where it is. I think I'll keep the maintenance records up here and leave the manual books and purchase docs in the car.

Oh big gym news!!! They are replacing the plastic shower curtains with really high end glass shower doors. We cannot figure this out. Bre has taken the assignment of finding out if they are doing the same with the mens locker room. The new doors have to have cost a bundle with near zero return 'oh I'll pick this gym cause the shower doors are top notch!'. Also they will make cleaning the showers way more difficult. Surely renewing those cheap plastic curtains has to be a better financial deal all the way around. Curious and weird. Also now the showers feel really tight and claustrophobic.

Ok so now... at 10 am... after being up for nearly 6 hours, it is time to start my day. Happily, it is free of any commitments or promises and available to do with as I please. Tomorrow is house cleaner day so I will make sure the big pieces are put away.

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