Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Early morning week.

Usually after a swim, I come home and have breakfast and internet. Except this week. On Thursday, I have my annual physical at 7:30 am - enough time to come home and get dressed first.

Tomorrow I have a date for my car to get the mirror fixed, finally, and that's tat 7 - which will give me time to cruise by McDonald's and pick up breakfast. I can just wear my swim cover up there.

Today was lab work for the physical. Fasting lab (although, now that I think about it no one told me to fast nor asked if I had... hmmmm - oh well, no harm, no fowl hehehehe).

There are 3 stresses with lab work.

1. Will I be able to pee enough ... I have learned to pack a safety pee. I have a small jar that I fill when I first get up that morning and take it with me, just in case. The placebo effect is worth the trouble. I think I've only had to use the safety pee once. And I did not have to use it today!

2. I have a giant ass and teeny tiny itty bitty little veins. And they all disappear the minute I sit in that chair. It's always a problem. I try not to laugh then they ask 'which arm?' because the answer is going to be 'just take your best shot and pray'. Today's sticker was not flapped. She tried one inner elbow and chased around for veins for a while. No joy (but, nice, touch, lady because also no bruise which is pretty remarkable). Then she started the hunt again and decided to try for a spot on the other arm in my forearm! That's a new one on me and while she did not exactly hit pay dirt, after wiggling her needle around she finally found enough for what she needed. And still cool and calm and no bruise!

3. Next up is the result. I usually get that in a few hours. Mainly I just look at the diabetes numbers. I really don't want the doctor to get all diabetes on me and my diet. I hate going against his advice but I also am not going to change my diet to a healthy one. It's just better if all my nums are in normal range. I'll know soon.

I did have a Smart Car moment at the doctor's office this morning. There was a space left, on the street, that was exactly the right size for my car and too small for anyone else. I just popped in there... so proud.

I'm about ready to start sewing again. I spent some swim time this morning going over ideas. Some different tops, mainly. I have a million shirts for summer in the closet and so some of them will need to get donated before I make more.

Now that the big business of the day is completed, I'm kind of loosey goosey on the rest. The baseball game starts at 3:30. Between now and then, who knows what could happen?!

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