Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The real Friday

Several days this week have felt like Friday to me. Weird. Today, not so much. Even weirder. Not that it matters. It really does not.

I've got zero going on today. I'm thinking maybe laundry. Laundry and closet re-org. Seems like a good day for both.

I'm on a hunt for a good car phone mount solution. My car has a textured interior surface with no flat spaces. With my last phone, I found a nice option that used a magnet. I loved it but this phone also uses a wireless dock in house for charging and inserting a magnet into it would be problematic. I also hate the kind that mount on the air vents (and, so, block the air). It's a problem. But, I have one solution coming today and a full proof (but oh so pricey) solution at the ready if today's does not work.

I have a little drawer in my dash that I have been using but it's just not working. Now that I'm able to enjoy my phone's entertainment stuff in the car so easily, I need to have it stable and not flying around with every turn. Also, it looking like using the phone so much in the car is only going to add about $5 to my phone bill a month. I can handle that.

The Mariners game is at 4 today. They are playing in Cleveland. They are on a 10 day road trip to the east coast so all the games will be early here which suits me just fine and dandy.

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