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Great swim this morning. Two days gone and this morning I find out that Bre is moving to Hawaii!! She and her husband are the ones who drive in from Tacoma every day. Both really young and have no children. I don't know what he does but she is a teacher. They have no real ties to here and love Hawaii and don't have kids yet. They figure that if they don't go now, they never will get to. And, if it sucks, they came back. I am so excited for them. What a fun adventure.

I bought my Smart Car in 2011. From the Smart Car USA company. Minutes later, that company was sold to Mercedes. Last year Mercedes announced it would no longer sell gasoline powered Smart Cars. Now it has said it is no longer selling any Smart Cars at all. It did allow as how they will still service them but I'm skeptical. The part they ordered for mine 4 weeks ago - which they said at the time would be here in a week but I haven't heard a peep. Most disconcerting. Among the very many things I love about my Smart Car is its length, or lack of. Right now there is nothing for sale in the US that comes close to being as short. So I got no Plan B. I am majorly bummed. I just hope I can keep this one running forever.

My new car gadget - the Roav Bolt is great. In the mornings, one command gives me traffic between home and pool, the weather and then the news. Coming home I just tell it to resume news. The voice quality is perfect and the response is snappy. The only downside is that the Google Assistant's vast list of news resources includes not one single Seattle option. Not one. Our local news not only sucks but it's lazy! The Tacoma News Tribune is the closest we get. So I hear about the murders in Tacoma every morning before I get the National/International feeds. Otherwise, I love the little thing. Totally worth the $$.

Jeopardy has gotten fun again with the Professional Sports Gambler who's been on the last 20 shows. Sadly, they announced yesterday that for the next two weeks we have to suffer through another one of their niche tournaments. I don't mine the Tournament of Champions but these others - teachers, students, dogs, cats - just annoy me. They mean two weeks of no Jeopardy to me. Bummer. I'm really interested to see how far this guy can go. Yes, he's using his incredible betting skills but he also knows a whole lotta shit.

This morning I sent the Mercedes guy a 'what's the deal' note and just heard back that apparently, he's had the part for a while and forgot to tell me. Cool. Not. I now have a 7 am Tuesday appointment. Finally. Geesh.

I have a few quick errands to run this morning but I have to wait until 9. Oh wait. It's now 9. Cool. I do need to get dressed first tho. Yesterday I wore my usual long sleeved knit shirt but had to change it about mid day because it was too hot. Probably today or at least this week, I'll do the old seasonal closet shuffle. Bring the short sleeves down to the prime time shelves and move the winter stuff to the back burner shelves.

OMG... I totally forgot to post this. Ok, so now I'll add the newer news... I ran all my errands successfully. One was to drop off a return at the Amazon Fresh pickup location. This is a really nice, nearby, facility that has very easy parking and often has free bananas. Today there were bananas and a free bottle of Ranch Dressing. No idea why but I didn't have any ranch dressing in the house and now I do!

Also, after weeks and weeks of searching for new shoes that are comfortable, won't hurt my feet or shins, easy on/off and will last a while, I finally settled on some Keen sandals. I've now worn them a fair amount and am happy to say that I made the right choice. I had looked at them originally and tried a few but didn't find the right ones. My friend, Frank, gave me some tips and encouragement and I tried again. So thanks for my Frank Shoes!

And then I picked up lunch on the way home and now it's nearly time to eat it!

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