Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ballgame Hangover

Last night's game was oh so tough. We were behind one run, we were behind 3, we tied it up, they scored again, we tied it up, they scored again... In the 9th inning we had several credible chances to tie or win but, alas, we passed up on all of of them. It was exhausting.

I slept long and hard. Last year, I tried the early morning swim after ballgames and finally decided that I did not need to do that. That decision helped both the enjoyment of the game and the next day.

My next two games are day games which are great in May. Way better than in August.

I may or may not go out today. I'm thinking poke would be fun for lunch. I could do that with a trot over to Uwajimaya and I have a couple of things I want a Daiso (which is across the street) so I might do that. Any farther adventures, like getting into the car, would mean spending money that I really don't need to spend so I think maybe I'll let the car rest. But my walking shoes, might get a tiny little workout. But, they don't put the poke bowls out for another hour or two so there's no hurry out the door.

I'm really enjoying my latest crochet project.


Crochet can be so loose and lacy which I do not like. This is so dense and texture-y which I do like. Also, I think it will hang nicely which other crochet does not. Soooooo I'm thinking maybe, finally, I'll have something fun to decorate or replace this black fireplace cover.


Gratuitous pic of Zoey there chilling in her fish house.

Time now to get up and put my ballpark stuff, which I dumped in the hallway last night, away and get on this day.
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