Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now, these are the Mariners I know and love...

Last night the Mariners lost 15-1 and today they are losing 14-1 but the Rangers still have a chance to equal or better last night's score. The Mariners have had error after error and seem confused as to what to do with the bat in their hands at the plate. These are my Mariners. These are the Mariners who have never ever once even got close to the World Series. I wondered where they had been.

I've crystallized and figured out my blanket turned sweater. I wish I could draw/sketch better but at least I can scribble up a plan and I've done that. It might be pretty cool.

I have three packages coming tomorrow. One via USPS, one via FedEx and one via UPS. It will be a RACE!! My guess is that UPS will will with delivery just after noon. FedEx and USPS will like be neck and neck mid-afternoon.

Then tomorrow at 5, the two women from the University of Washington are coming over for a follow up on their study. That was my Trader Joe's stop. To get snacks to offer up. I'm set.

Ok, just saw a tweet that a Chicago Cubs farm team in Iowa, just had a 15 run 1st inning. They are now in the 4th inning and the score is 17-2. That game may be over in my lifetime. Or not. But minor league baseball rocks.

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