Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

mental aging

My body has gotten progressively older but my mind, I think went from Woodstock to the nursing home in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, it seems, I am afraid of falling... all the time. I have not fallen but still I feel like I might. I can no longer open jars or boxes or push myself off the floor or out of some chairs. I think I broke my toe today when I stubbed it just walking in my living room.

Ok some of that is an exaggeration. Not the toe thing, and, btw, it hurts like a bitch and is already looking very grape like. I can get off the floor but it's a huge effort and I can only do it by rolling into a table stance and getting up from there. And sometimes not that. The opening of jars and boxes is real. I do not have the strength I used to and likely haven't for a while but my mind just now figured that out.

It's ok. I can pull myself up after a fashion if I have to. I can eventually get shit open using tools but geesh. What a PIA. It's ok. It's inevitable, it's still just shocking when yet another piece of evidence comes to light.

Today did turn out to be a big tech day here. I got a Wyze Sense which is two tiny contact sensors and one eagle eye sensor. You put one side of the contact sensor on one thing (like a cabinet door) and the other on the jam and the app will tell you when that door was opened or closed. I put it on my dryer knob so now I can tell when the dryer is done. I haven't figured out a use for the other one or the eagle eye which is a motion sensor. But they were very impressively packaged and really nicely designed and set up perfectly and also really cheap. I'm sure I'll figure out very cool things for them.

The car thing came too and I did not scam myself. It pops into my cigarette lighter port and feeds sound into my radio and is lightening fast in responsiveness. I set it up so that when I get into the car in the morning I can say 'good morning' and it will tell me if there are any traffic issues in my way, then the weather and then give me the news from news outlets I chose. I've suffered through my last pledge drive and no longer have to listen to the vocal fry tones of the 12 year old NPR reporters.

I even made a routine for the Saturday pool that kicks in when I say 'happy saturday!'

Yes, I could have done this all with my previous setup BUT... half the time the bluetooth didn't kick in at all and then my phone didn't respond. This thing snaps to attention immediately with no hesitation. I like it a lot.

And I did all the laundry. And picked up stuff around the house. And put away all my baseball stuff so that it's ready for next Wednesday's game. And now it's 2 pm. I think I'm going to watch some TV. Oh! I have last night's Jeopardy to watch. On it!
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