Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Diamond Club day

The big agenda item today is not til this evening... dinner and baseball. Yeah! I need to organize my stadium bag, recharge the scooter and decide what to wear but... I have about 8 hours to get that done.

Meanwhile there is not a lot going on which is fine by me. I may do laundry. I might not. I may whip up a better case for my new sunglasses. They came with one but it's huge and hard sided. I need smaller for my purse. I may make some dolls while I'm back at the sewing machine.

I found a couple of nice stretching videos on Amazon Prime. The gym across the street used to have the greatest stretching class. It was hard core stretching. You got into positions and held them for 3 to 5 minutes each. You felt so good after that class. I ran into the gym owner this morning and told her I really wanted that class back again, please.

Meanwhile, the videos work fine if I can just remember to fire them up.

After a conversation with Frank, yesterday, I got even more frustrated with my TiVo remote situation. I switched to the TiVo remote that has the keyboard. I love having the keyboard plus the remote itself is smaller and better in the hands. But, I was frustrated by the line of sight requirement.

After trying a bunch of stuff and researching more stuff, I stumbled over a dongle in my TiVo Hardware Baggie. I plugged it in and then researched and, sure enough, after a few tries, my once directional keyboard remote can now be successfully operated from anywhere in the room, pointed at the TiVo box or not. Nice. Very nice.

Ok, time to hang up my suit and get to work on today!

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