Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gym family

My gym family is just perfect for me. They are always there with a smile and a 'good morning!' and they miss me when I'm not there and they demand almost nothing.

Today, the following family members were in attendance:

The usual crowd was on hand with the doors open. We all say hi or good morning. No one every calls out anyone for the occasional no show. We are banded together as a team if there is no one there to unlock the door. We'll have an actual conversation!

The pool...

Matt swims with me on Mondays and Wednesdays and sometimes Fridays. I often see him on the elliptical machines on other days. He uses a cane for the blind but has some sight. He's very sweet and swims about as long as I do.

Purple towel girl has the most graceful beautiful swim stroke of anyone I've ever seen. She always thinks the water is too cold and she would love to have the pool to herself. She swims for about 20 minutes and then spends 20 minutes in the hot tub or the sauna. She tries to come every day. Rarely successfully. But she's there a lot.

6am guy is very particular. He will sit out and wait unless he can get a lane to himself or share the center lane. He's there most every day. He always says good morning and smiles and that is his only contribution. I have no idea how long his swims are. He's always coming in as I'm leaving.

New girl is about 50 and wears the pacific northwest favorite black suit and comes in about 5:30. She always has a gigantic smile and hello for me. She does a lot of back stroke and just kind of piddling around. But, she's very lane conscience. If she's sharing, and another lane becomes available, she'll hop over right away. Very considerate.

Outside the pool - in the locker room - there's Susie. Susie is probably 50 and Japanese. Her English is way better than my Japanese but still kind of rusty. She is there Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and if I'm not there she gets all frantic and lands all over me the next time she sees me. So this morning I told her that I probably wouldn't be there on Friday but she shouldn't freak out. She giggled. I told her I would be out late at the Mariner game on Thursday so sleeping in. She thought that was very exciting.

Bre teaches at a private elementary/secondary school - special ed and art. She's really nice and loves her kids and co-workers. Her school was out for two weeks recently and she was so excited to get back and see every body. I'm guessing she's about 25 and comes in from Tacoma with her husband every single weekday morning.

In the gym... The lockeroom and pool are way at the back of the gym so when I leave, I walk through the entire workout area. There's the Tuesday/Thursday guy who always looks for my bag (which I hang on a hook in the pool room and he can see through the window in the workout room - it's turquoise with an octopus on it)... when I come out, he's there with a big thumbs up.

There's the guy who knows my car and so looks for me inside when he sees it and always has a big good morning for me as I'm leaving.

Then there's Michael who's married to Karen. Michael works out every single day. He swims about once a week. He's very nice. He works at Amazon. Karen teaches kindergarten and is quite fun. She goes in spurts with big breaks in between. We laugh about how she's so rarely there. Today, Michael told me that Karen told him she was going to swim tomorrow. He and I agreed that betting a big sum on that was not wise.

And, of course, Frank At The Front Desk. Frank is probably 55 and robotic. He does everything exactly the same way every single day. We all are amused by his never ever broken routine but we also all deeply appreciate that on Frank days, we can count on getting in, getting towels and everything going like clockwork. Lately Frank has taken to giving me a giant smile and way and Have A Nice Day!! as I leave. Frank's a favorite of all of us. He's there Monday-Wednesday, Friday and Saturday... like clockwork.

I love my gym family.

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