Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just Do It!

In the last home my parents shared, they had a lovely master bath. Not huge, 2 sinks, shower, toilet. BUT the sinks were in a large vanity that had lots of drawers and shelves. Almost all of them were empty. Unused. Unneeded.

That became my goal. I want drawers and shelves that are empty. It's just the height of luxury to me. And, I am actually getting there. Not nearly close but if 10 is where I started and 1 is the goal, I am now a 6. Maybe even a 6.5.

But, today I was reminded of one of the big reasons for the goal. I have shit I don't even know about. I have two lower cabinets in the kitchen. Corner cabinets that have those lazy susan thingies in them so you can cram more shit in. And they are both crammed. I needed a square storage thing with a lid and thought I remembered one in there. So I dug. And found 5 PLUS a whole set of toaster oven pans - the ones I've been looking for at Goodwill for a month.

I need to get in there and pull all that crap out and organize it. That's what I thought to myself. Well, self, why don't you do it right now? It's not like your busy schedule is has you racing off to an important meeting this afternoon.

So I did. I pulled everything out. I had to get my long handled grabber thing to get the stuff in the way back corners but I got it all out. And found some cool shit. And found 7, that SEVEN, empty Fiji water bottles. WTF? And stainless steel shelves for my microwave that I never have and never will need or use. And a pile of other stuff.

I kept out 10% of it and arranged it carefully on the lazy susan shelves. One side is cooking and cleaning stuff the other side is small appliances and storage containers. The rest of it is gone. Two full 13 gallon bags o' crap are now in my wheely cart to go to Goodwill tomorrow. A good bit went into the trash and two pieces went to outside storage.

I'm so proud.

Of course, come the empty Fiji water bottle shortage of 2020, I'm going to be mad that I tossed those suckers out.
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