Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

shopping win/fail

So I did take the goggles back to Costco and got there just as the doors opened. The return line wasn't too long and I was done. I went looking for sunglasses. you cannot try them on, of course, so I just grabbed the cheapest pair. I did notice on my way out that the return line was now well out the door...

I unboxed the sunglasses at the first garbage can there by the door so I could dispose of all the packaging. I put the sunglasses on and they immediately fell off. I put them back on and WOW!! They are amazing. Too big for my head, but they give me an amazing view with zero glare. I mean zero. And glare is a biggie with me since I have permanent lenses in my eyes and they are that great with bright.

I wore them home and fell in love with them. When I got home I fixed the too big with tiny rubber bands and seriously. I love these glasses. I need another pair - backup/car glasses. I went onto Costco's website and can't find them. They are Kirkland brand so I won't find them at any other stores.

So now I have to go back to Costco's ... again. Oh well. I can go tomorrow. This time I will keep the packaging a mine it for data. I'd love to know what makes these glasses so great. I've never put on a pair of sunglasses and saw the instant improvement like these. wild.
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