Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old Dog that loves new tricks

My TiVo got a major update yesterday and it's like having a whole new tech toy. They had a MAJOR update about a year ago which it has now taken them a year to get right but it's good now. The menus are way better and it does not take a bascillion button presses to do what I want to do.

But, mainly, the big diff is auto skip. The last biggie added in skip. When the commercial starts, there is a beep and that tells you to hit 'SKIP' on the remote. You hit it and the commercials disappear. Last fall they added the ability to pair it with If This Then That to automate the process but it was a really bad work around that I gave up after the first hour. But, now, they have built it in. When the commercial comes on, you hear the beep and then instantly the program starts again. It's pretty freakin slick.

The problem is, after a year of hearing the beep, my hand still goes to the Skip button. I have to concentrate not to. It will take a while but I think I can do it. Sadly, to make it work for baseball, I can't start watching until the recording is finished. This would make most games start for me, sometime after 11 pm. So... I still have to wait 30 minutes or so to start watching and then manually fast forward through the commercials just like in times of old.

I think I might pop by Costco again this morning - to return the goggles. I think I'll strap on the serious shoes and make a walk out of it. I was going to save it until tomorrow when I need errands to fill the time that the house cleaner is here but, heck, I could use the exercise today and who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Thing that is driving me nuts:

People who clearly believe that impeachment automagically and instantly means removal. It does not. If you want the president out of office, the fastest way, at this point is to vote someone else in. Impeachment proceedings will not make it past the Republican Senate and so will not end in removal. And, while impeachment proceedings could embarrass and even humiliate some presidents, it would, at best, be only a minor annoyance to this one. I have got to stop listening to NPR.

Also... Joe Biden - Bernie Sanders... are they the oldest whitest guys we can find to run? I'm all over the wisdom of age but seriously... I am done with really old white guys in government. Done. Again. I need to get NPR off my car radio.

Yesterday I stumbled on Addiction Solitaire. I used to play it years ago when it was called Montana Solitaire. The name change is appropriate. I can't stop playing. At least I'm now over Pogo so there is hope.

Two more condos in the building sold this week. Both at fairly healthy prices although one was $30,000 below asking. Both are about the same size as my unit but have only one bathroom (I have a bath and a half). They have walk in closets, I don't. They are on lower floors. One sold for $555 and one for $585. Today, one on the floor below me with the same configuration as those other two, went on sale with an asking price of $750. Thousand. This even though Seattle real estate has cooled off considerably and there is now a nice supply of condos available in this area. Wild. Just wild.

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