Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I decided to swim, then stop at Amazon to drop off packages, then stop at the bagel place for a wonderful lox sandwich for breakfast. It all went well until... the bagel place. Closed for Easter. At the risk of being judgy... bagel people Easter? Really? Now, if the sign had said closed for Passover, then ok. But Easter? I'm nit picking because I really wanted that sandwich.

I came home and had poached eggs on toast and fucked up the eggs plus made a mess so I'm now really annoyed with that fucking bagel place.

But, moving on.

Today will be baseball and crocheting although I am getting to the part of my current blanket that is boring and may not be able to hold my interest. This could be a problem because the whole rest of it is like that.

On the up side, this could send me back to the sewing room which wouldn't be all bad.

Spotify is pissing me off. It keeps giving me songs that I not only don't care about, I do not want to hear ... ever. And then, today, it kept fucking up searches for stuff I do want to hear. It is sending me back to Pandora. I got Spotify initially because Pandora couldn't download for offline play and my swim music player needs to be able to play stuff while not hooked up to wifi.

Pandora now has this, and, from what I can tell, it's even slicker than Spotify. I have a year's subscription to Spotify that does not expire until September. So I think I'll put off doing anything until I really can't stand it. Then I might buy a month of Pandora to see if/how it will work for swimming.

Now I need to go clean up the kitchen.

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