Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Saturday

I decided yesterday to skip swimming today. I slept in. Hard and good. Over coffee and a muffin I remembered that the really nice pool has a aqua fit class on Saturday mornings... Google told me that it was still a go and that they still had lap swimming before the class so I thought why the heck not???

The pool is 17 minutes from here with zero traffic so still kind of a slog. But, it didn't matter. I could leave early and do some laps before class which is exactly what I did! The pool itself is huge with a glorious deep end and it has the crystal clear view of chlorinated water. (My regular pool is 4.5 feet at its deepest part and is treated with bromine, not chlorine. Bromine never quite gets the water as clear as chlorine. It's supposed to be easier on your skin but it sure drys out your mouth. It has zero odor and is, I think, easier on swim suits. But I love a chlorinated pool.)

I got about 20 minutes of laps in before the class started. The class was good. The teacher they had for years is gone and the new guy is better. I really enjoyed it and felt like I got a good workout.

I may have found a new Saturday thing.

The down side is that it's exercise that I have to do for free. My tracker does not even acknowledge that I spent an hour flailing around. It would have given my lots of 'steps' if I'd been swimming or cardio points if I had been doing the same on dry land. But, alas, it gave me the same accounting as if I had been taking a nap. Buggers.

After class, I treated myself to Popeye's! And the Dollar Store and I remembered to return my library books.

Then I came home and Hoovered the chicken. I got enough for lunch and dinner so yeah!!

My purchases are all put away and now I think it's time for some TV and crochet.
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