Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My fancy assed kitchen garbage can has a holder thing in the lid for a charcoal pouch to absorb the smell. Yesterday was, apparently, that pouch's expiration date. When I first got the fancy assed garbage can, it came with two filters. I put the first one in, expecting nothing.

But, then, one day, the can just started stinking. So I switched it to the second one. I figured it was a fluke. Until today when I learned that it was, in fact, NOT a fluke.

Happily as I typed all that I remembered I had a third one that the company sent me for filling out a survey. Sweet. I mean,literally, not stinky!

I also ordered some replacements from Amazon. I went with diaper pail ones because they are cheaper. If they don't work, I'll pay full price for the ones that do because I'm hoping to be able to forget what stinky garbage smells like!

My tissue box now has a cover. My stack of mending is gone. My crochet blanket is now ready for corners. The center is round and then you add corners and then you crochet a big ass border. Corners are next.

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