Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Easter eggs

I have a terrible time keeping eggs in this house. I need condo chickens. I sometimes even buy cartons of 18 and still run out. I'm only one person. What's with all the eggs?? So today I'll likely run up to Grocery Outlet and score some more eggs. And look like an Easter cliche but, hey, there's worth things, right?

Plus, I want mushrooms because I'm going to give ozswede's baked rice recipe.

Amazon usually offers me $1 towards electronic media if I agree to a slower shipping situation. Also, usually, selecting this option results in 1. I get the package within a day or two anyway and I get the $1 credit. So, I nearly always select it. And, if I have a bunch of little stuff to order that I don't care when I get, I might even break up the order into one order each and select the option so that I get a bunch of $1 credits. I recently did just that and, guess what? My slow shipping credit turned into a $5 off Prime Now which is really the sleeves out of Amazon's vest. I rarely use Prime Now because the inventory is so limited and even then the $5 doesn't work for most stuff.

Amazon, you trickster.

But, then. Yesterday, I wanted to ask about eliminating the swiping on my Kindle. I have the ad supported version so I have swipe every time I turn it on. I wanted to make sure that if I paid the extra $20 to turn the ads off, that that would also eliminate the swiping. So I went to contact us and started a chat. I formed my question and got a chat person pretty quickly. The chat person asked for my kindle serial which I provided and then said they'd be back in a minute. It was about 60 seconds. Chat person came back and said they had turned off ads. Anything else I wanted?

Yep. No $20. No swiping. Just 2 minutes of my time.

Amazon, you sweetheart.

My new Costco goggles are a total fail. And so am I. I'm pretty sure I bought the same ones last year and had the same issue. ARUGH! They have two settings - either gauge out my eye sockets or leak. I dug the receipt out of the trash. These suckers are going back. And, sorry, Costco, I know the receipt is a little smelly. My bad.

The imbalance of my life is showing today. I have more clothes than I need for sure. I still have a week's worth of clean every day clothes but my laundry basket is full to overflowing. I need to purge more but I've got too much joy sparking in my closet. Oh well.

The Mariner game is at 3:40 this afternoon. I actually have a ticket. It's the ticket the Mariners gave me for my birthday. The seat is actually not horrible but I think I still might not go anyway. Just because. Or I might. I have several hours to decide.

But, first, laundry. And eggs. I'm out of breakfasts. I think little quiches this time. Eggs, cheese, cream, and maybe sausage crumbles in muffin cups and baked for 20 minutes. Then I can just nuke 'em in the mornings and breakfast is served!

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