Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whiney MacWhinesome

I found a bag I wanted. It was on sale on the maker's website (Baggallini). Their bags are way too expensive and this one was, at the sale price, priced about right. I fought my way through the 'sign up for our newsletter', 'want our credit card?' and 'we'll text you the bag of the day' pop ups and finally got the fucker into the cart.

Then I get yet another pop u p but this one offers me 20% off. With a code and gives me the code. Ok. Then I check google for 'baggallini' codes and find a free shipping one. It works, too. So, the $65 bag cost me $28 with tax and shipping but still I'm pissed. Why do you need to pop up me to death? Why do you need to inflate your prices? Why? Why? And probably, the biggest why... why do your bags make me want to buy them????? It will be here in 7 to 10 business days because I after all that NFW am I giving them $5 to get it by next Monday.

And poor Zillow. In the past month I have purchased 15 pairs of shoes from them. I have returned 14 and the 15th is boxed up and ready for UPS to pick up tomorrow. 12 of those were failed attempts to find shoes to walk in. But the last one was a pair of Skeetcher sandal like things with a covered toe that I really really liked but the first time they were WAY too big. I went down a half size. WAY too big. I sent those back and ordered another half size down. Still too big. But now, about the right length. But, I give up. I tried. Really tried. And I appreciate your patience and your willingness to pay for all my shenanigans and get nothing in return.

I went to Costco. They didn't have the rice I wanted. Wonder if they stopped carrying it? But, I got chicken and other stuff - not that much but my Costco card had expired so I had to re-up. So silly for me to spend that $ every year. As a single person the best I can do is break even. But, I do love their toilet paper and just going there. Oh and I got gas.

Everything is now unpackaged and put away. One of the stuffing servings I made last weekend is thawing as is the cranberry jelly that will have a date tonight with the chicken.

I think I'm going watch more of my clothes from old paintings documentary. But, first I'm going to go find some socks. When did I become the old lady with constantly cold feet???

Here's my current crochet project. I'm really enjoying the doing of it but the end result, not so much. I like the pattern ok but these colors are not me. They are me adjacent but just not me. Oh well.

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