Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is my first Diamond Club game of the season. I'm quite jazzed. With the Diamond Club tickets you get a lovely buffet (see menu below). They have a magnificent make-your-own Bloody Mary bar. And whatever cocktails or drinks you want. They also provide free food, drinks and snacks delivered to your seats during the game and have a host of other goodies to eat and drink inside the clubhouse where the game is also on TV. It's pretty high falutin' baseball action. And I love it.

The game starts at 1:10 and the special door to get to the Diamond Club opens at 11. I will be there at at 11. It's supposed to be 50's (10's C - see, I'm learning!) and cloudy. So I need to layer up. But I have time yet.

I've been spending lately. Not essential spending. Frivolous spending. And I'd like to curb it. Or at least feel like I'm in control of it and/or it's ok which I do not now. So... I'm going public again. Well, semi public.

I'm going to track every penny and post it here in this journal. mindyklasky convinced me last time to keep the money entries locked to friends only last time. Her most compelling argument was that should someone ever want to have me declared incompetent, my making my finances public would go a long way in helping to prove that my actions are not ordinary. I have a sister I do not trust and it is not a tiny leap to see her pulling this kind of stunt. So... friends locked.

I think on Fridays or maybe Saturdays. I'll post the weekly spending and income. For a while. I haven't decided how long. Last time I did this, I heard from more than a couple of people that my sharing my details helped them organize, understand and tailor theirs more like they wanted. That's sure a bonus. Mainly I just want to hold myself accountable for my accounts! And this is the best way for me to do it.

The leaves on the Tree That I Hate are just now getting obstructive. Bye neighbors. I'll miss you. Catch you in October, k?

The banana bread I made yesterday turned out ok. I made a loaf plus a muffin for testing. The muffin was borderline dry but the loaf is pretty good and not dry at all. I put in too many chocolate chips, tho. Oh well, next time.

Time now to go figure out what I'm going to layer myself up with.

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