Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If you need me I'll be in the kitchen

The Mariners lost late last night so I slept late but still managed to get to the pool early. A lot of our schools are still on spring break so a lot of the Saturday usuals weren't there. I had a great swim, made a quick grocery stop to pick up essentials and then home.

I had breakfast, read a bit and then internetted. I am being serenaded right now by the Seattle Sounders Marching band outside the stadium. They have a game at 1. The band plays there and then goes up to the park (a few blocks away) where the fans gather and plays there and leads the parade back to the stadium. It's a whole thing that is really very cool. There is also another parade of chanters. They all come down the street that my terrace overlooks. It's like a party at my house. I'm not a soccer fan but I am a Sounders Pregame fan.

Today's projects are stuffing and banana bread. I have a bunch of chopped up onions and celery that need to be used and some Pepperage Farm stuffing mix. I'll add an egg or two and some broth and maybe mushrooms and mix it all up and freeze in single servings.

And I have 3 overripe bananas plus chocolate chips.

So, why not?!

Then I might just strap on my new shoes and take them out and introduce them to the neighborhood.

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