Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

for want of a shoe... no more!!

I got shoes. UPS delivered the latest order from Zappos. A last ditch - yeah, I know these are ugly but I fucking need shoes I can walk in - order did not fit. I slapped a return label on the box and took it down to the UPS OUT area and took the bus to the running shoe place.

I walked in and plopped my ass down in the first set of customer chairs. "You need some help?" "you have no idea how much!" I told her I wanted shoes I could walk in. I did not tell her and she did not ask about color/style/price. She looked at my feet and brought out a pairs until she hit one that felt just like I knew it should. Even before she tied the laces, I knew we were in biz. And while they were bigger than I wanted and not cool looking, they weren't white and didn't have huge honkin' velcro closures so not all bad. But, she was not satisfied. So we went through two more pairs until she and I were both happy. Then we talked socks and I bought two pair of those. Then we talked insoles and she said no. She said to wear them a bunch first and then come back if I thought I wanted insoles.

"Wanna wear them home?" "Yes ma'm!"

And I did. No bus, just new shews. The clouds that had protected me getting there, were gone and it was hot and the sun was bright and I didn't have any sunglasses with me. (Turns out I did but didn't discover that until I was at my door digging for the front door key.)

When I got home, my feet were tired and glad to get out of the shoes but they were not sore or unhappy at all. No toe cramps. My shins didn't hurt. We're talking winner winner chicken dinner.


I do hate tie shoes but way better than those old lady velcro straps. I'm probably going to try some of those no tie laces.

But, I am supremely happy with my purchase. Oh and the shoes and two pair of ohsofancy socks came to $170 total which I thought was pretty darned reasonable. (The shoes from Zillow cost more and fit less.)

I think I'll read a little before deciding what to do next.
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