Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Charging up...

My Kindle was running out of juice. My watch was too. And today was day 3 for the music player I wear when I swim. It's battery lasts 3 days. So now each is hooked up to life support while I catch up on the internet.

The new operating system on my phone is fine and has some cool new tricks. Usually there are a couple of apps that don't work initially. So far I found one - the 1 Second A Day app. I'm sure they will fix it soon. Last time - Android P - the pay by phone app was broken - far more critical to my life.

Today will be sewing. I started a new top the other day and I want to finish it off. And I have a couple of more projects in the planning stages. I hit a snag with my crochet project and I want to get it back on track before it gets totally derailed.

And then there is the Mariner game tonight. Yesterday, the most favorite player - of me and lots of others - hit a rare (for him) home run. It turned out to be a record breaker. The Mariners have now hit home runs in every single one of their first 15 games of the season. No other team in baseball history has ever done that. And, that's no their only amazing stat. BUT that's the one that will stand for at least a year. The Mariners best ever at something. I'll take it.

Oh, my pot pie from yesterday - delish. And I still have two more just like it.

Time now to get up and get dressed and get going on this day!

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