Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

down but coming back already

Last night, in the middle of the night, my intestines attacked me. It wasn't a particularly vicious attack. Really more annoying than anything else. The attack continued until time to go to the pool. No Pool For You Today! I actually stayed in bed until 8:30 and got some extra sleep and then woke up and just lay there enjoying the quiet - of both the house and my intestines.

I'm now feeling much better but I have taken enough Imodium that it may be months before I have any shits to give.

Gratefully, I have zero that has to be done today and lots of entertaining stuff to pick from.

My latest foray into the walking shoe situation is an order I placed for orthopedic walking shoes which arrives tomorrow. If that fails, then, I think my next step (ha!) is a trip to the running shoe store. Their shoes are big clunky affairs for runners. They are ugly and they are expensive. BUT I know I can walk in and they will put a pair on my feet that will feel like cloud walking all the way home.

In my last batch from Zappos, I found 3 that I thought maybe I could 'wear' into being good shoes but now that I've thought about it for a while, I've decided that's just too dicey a proposition. I need shoes to walk in now, not ones that will be good after I suffer in them for 3 months.

My feet have always been a problem. Maybe it was those x-ray machines in shoe stores. When I was little the doctor put me in brown tie oxfords (when everyone else was wearing pretty mary janes or even cool loafers) that had zero style or street cred. He was trying to correct my flat feet. It corrected my self image from cool kid to dork but my feet were unimpressed. Then there were the high heel years. My feet are still pissed about that.

So now they are still flat as a pancake and my right one has one of those big toe joints that stick way out. My left one is bigger than my right one. And, I wonder why I can't find shoes to fit.

Today I'll box up all the Zappos and send them back. Tomorrow we'll see how the orthos work.

Now I need to get dressed.
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