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Susan Dennis


The little group that waits for the gym doors to open on Sunday is different than Saturday and different than weekdays. The Sunday group is really the friendliest. They noted this morning while we waited that last Sunday, when I wasn't there, the pool had no one. Not a single swimmer. Today, for a while, there was a queue waiting for a turn to swim. No rhyme or reason.

It was a good swim and I was doubly glad. Last night I met ljtourist for dinner at a little spot about 4 and a half blocks from here. For some reason it was a uneasy walk to the place. It was a combo of breathing and shoe issues. Coming home was way worse. This time it was just energy. I struggled to even get home at all. About a block away from my front door, a car passed with the LYFT light on the dash and I was sorely tempted to flag him down. When I finally got here I was exhausted. It was just weird. So I was grateful that all was right this morning.

In between the to and from, the visit with Frank was good. It had been forever since I'd seen him. It was fun to catch up.

Two weeks ago, I got that crappy manicure. It ruined my fingernails. I finally cut them all down to the nub yesterday. I'll wait a couple of weeks and go to a better place and get a decent job done. Meanwhile typing with no fingernails feels weird.

My new work necklace cured and it's exactly what I wanted. I'll be giving it a workout today.


Also this shirt. It's been at the bottom of my shirt pile for months. It was a test. New pattern, plus testing a stretchy fabric (the pink) with a non stretch (the print). For some reason, I had it in my head that it did not fit right. But my head was totally wrong. It not only fits fine, it looks good, too. It's the perfect length. The pockets work very well. A short sleeved version will be great for summer and I'm always looking for ways to match stretch knits with non stretch wovens. So today, I'm going to dig out the pattern and make sure it matches this top. Sometimes I cut out a pattern with more or less ease and more or less sleeve length so I need to double check so I can replicate this exact shirt. Cool.

I have tons of fabric on hand so I can just go shopping in my hallway!

The baseball game starts in 10 minutes. Love morning baseball.

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