Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Rain brought clouds and kept the sun out of my Saturday morning swim so I was a really happy camper and had a lovely swim. Then on to Trader Joe's.

I finally got my freezer situation under control. It was packed to the gills with a lot of unidentifiable food goods. I either identified and ate or tossed. My new game is Just In Time eating. Or my version of it. I will shop on weekends. I will buy a week's worth of meals or fewer. My goal is to have the freezer NOT packed and housing only reasonable options. No more buying 'this might be good one day' items. My spending at Trader Joe's this morning was quite controlled. Good start.

Now I'm watching the Mariner game waiting for the mail. I ordered another crochet blanket kit. This is basically a pattern with specifically coordinated colors with the correct number of skeins all figured out in a package. The last blanket I made was from a kit and it worked out so well... I love makes that involve a lot of different colors but devising a good scheme and, then figuring out how much of which color is needed is just not the part that interests me. Plus, buying in kits is often cheaper. This kit coming today is from England. I'm particularly enamored with Sylecraft yarn - the colors are so wonderful - and it's impossible to find on this side of the Atlantic. The USPS says it will be here today.

I wanted a magnet necklace. A big old flat magnet that will hold stitch markers and my tiny yarn snip scissors. I could find nothing that did what I needed. Then I remembered I have magnets ... nice, 1 inch discs. But no hole in them to string them up. I tried fashioning a cover that incorporates a hole with fabric. Marginally successful. But then today, while I was swimming, I got hit with the correct answer. Sugru. I molded a frame for the disc and then made a hole in the frame. It's drying now. Should be ready to be a necklace tomorrow. I'm jazzed.

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