Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Motivated? Not me

My house cleaner called to say she was sick and wouldn't be coming. She's been cleaning for me for 10 years and I don't ever remember her ever calling to say she was not coming. As it turns out, I was glad. The house isn't that dirty and today was one I'd rather have for me than have clean.

I ended up going to Mercedes anyway but leisurely. Contrary to usual, they were really nice and attentive and made me feel welcome which was nice. They found the correct part and ordered it. It will likely be here next week. The service manager gave me the wrong part number to buy so that's $75 down the drain. I really don't like those people but it was nice not to be treated as trailer trash for once.

But, now I'm home and have been for a while and can't get my ass in gear to do anything. I have a swim suit to sew and plenty of other stuff to do and none of it is getting done.

I'm waiting for the UPS truck with my latest walking shoe options from Zillow. This batch is various editions of Skechers but I'm not hopeful that there will be a keeper in the bunch. My feet and most Skechers are not compatible.

Otherwise, I think I'll give up on trying to be productive. Clearly that's a project for another day. Maybe I'll watch The Post - it's a movie I've had on my list for some time and maybe today is just that time.
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