Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

They missed me... they really missed me!

It was so good to get back to the pool. I had told some people that I'd be missing and they all wanted to know how it went but some others didn't know. One sweet woman told me 'I was surprised they even opened without you!' I was actually kind of surprised by the number of people who remarked or clearly noticed and welcomed me back. Nice.

I swam easily but slowly. One side benefit from swimming is that your face and breathing gets a nice wash. I had felt like I was breathing through a dust storm but now that is all washed away. And my ears are all clear and hurt-free. Perfection.

One side penalty from swimming is dry skin. Yeah, too much water = dry. Go figure.

I generally lather up pretty well after my shower but my hands always seem to suffer. This morning they are happy hands. There is some magic hand cream made in Australia and only available in Australia and New Zealand. Ecoya - particularly the coconut & elderflower fragranced hand cream. My friends from New Zealand got me hooked on it. It not only smells amazing, it is vastly superior hand cream. I ran out some time ago and was I'll-pay-anything desperate and could find it nowhere. The Ecoya website didn't even have it. I figured it was discontinued. I moved on with my life of inferior hand lotion.

Until... I got a fabulous surprise in the mail for my birthday! My New Zealand friends sent me a tube! So Ecoya is making it again AND I have a full tube now. So happy. So happy.

Today is house cleaner day. I think, when she gets here, I'm going to head over to the Mercedes place. A while back, I lost the outside cover of the side mirror on the shotgun side of my Smart Car. Getting it replaced has been a bit of a festuche. Finally my Smart Car guy at the Mercedes place thinks he can find the parts and I'm going to go in and see him about it today. Then, of course, I'll pop into Goodwill and see what they have. I still do need a flat pan for my toaster oven.

Then home to watch the final of the Great British Sewing Bee.

There is no Mariner game today. They have won 7 out of their first 8 games this season. Best opening ever in their entire 40+ seasons. Shocking really. But, quite lovely.

And finally, today marks the weather turn for me. All winter, every morning, I wear a long robe over my suit. I have two, one is fleece and the other is sweat shirt fabric. I wear it over my suit to the pool and camando on the way home. Usually there are about 6 weeks when I wear fleece lined clogs but the rest of the time I just wear my shower shoes. That's my every day... until it gets warm. Then I swap out the long robe for a muumuu style dress I made from t-shirt scraps. That serves me til it gets cold again. Today was the last day for the robe. Tomorrow... muumuu time again.

Also the leaves are coming back on The Tree That I Hate.

Zoey was out on the ledge yesterday checking on it and interesting things on the street.


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