Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I walked my brother up to the light rail station and put him on the train. I did offer to drive him to the airport but he kindly declined. The train is really easier - especially at rush hour.

We had a low key evening last night. We went back to Tai Tong and then stopped at 85C. When he was here last January, we both thought Tai Tong was fab. But last night's dinner was very disappointing. Moving on. There are 879 chinese restaurants, give or take, within a mile of here. No need to go to a not good one. Also, 85C hadn't opened yet. I went once just after it opened and it was ok. We went last night and got their famous salt coffee and some pastries for breakfast. The coffee was horrible. Bill said it was drinking candy. This morning the pastries were very meh. Another one we can move on from.

The laundry is laundrying. Once it's done, I'll make up the bed for his next visit and then turn the room back into the sewing room. And that might be it for the excitement of the day until the game tonight. I might not move from this chair.
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